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Opiate Detox in Rocklin CA 95765

When you finally make a decision to get needed help for addiction, and you decide that for the best chance at success you need residential care, you may be looking at a substantial price for admission. With better private rehabs charging $20 000 or more for a month of therapy, it can be pretty tough to figure out how you can possibly afford such expensive care.

There are Opiate Detox Rocklin CA 95765 low cost and even free options available, but since these often carry waiting lists and through a lack of funding cannot offer as much of the therapies you need, they must be considered a second and lesser choice. Far better than nothing, but not nearly as good as a private rehab if you can possibly afford it.

How to pay for drug rehab?

1) Call your insurance company

If you Rocklin CA 95765 have private health insurance, the first logical step is to call your insurance provider and find out exactly how much you are eligible to get. Do not rely on dated policy information alone, as recent legislative changes may have compelled your insurance company to increase your coverage for addictions treatment, and you may be eligible for more than you think you are.

Make sure you ask about any Opiate Detox Rocklin CA 95765 limitations of this coverage, and ask for local drug and alcohol rehabs that your insurance company will work with.

2) Get credit

Even if you have good private insurance coverage, your carrier will unlikely meet the whole financial burden of your care, and you will likely have to make a substantial personal contribution. None of us enjoys paying for medical care, but when you compare a stay at rehab Rocklin CA 95765 with the costs of continuing abuse, or with the costs of a future of high health care expenses and lower earnings; getting into treatment and getting sober always makes good long term financial sense.

If you have good credit, you can likely secure enough money to bridge the gap between what you have and what you need. Your credit cards may well give you enough, and failing that Rocklin CA 95765 there are specific healthcare credit organizations that exist to fund needed medical procedures, and they may also provide you with the credit you need. You may also consider a personal or home equity loan from a bank or credit union as an attractive and lower interest credit option.

Even if your family and friends have sworn that they would never again loan you money surely destined for drugs Rocklin CA 95765 or drink, they may feel differently learning that you need money for care, and you can arrange for them to pay directly to the treatment center, providing them with greater peace of mind.

4) Sell your car

What’s more important, your material possessions, or your future health and happiness?

Obviously none of us wants to sell our major assets to fund needed care, but if it’s a decision between continuing Rocklin CA 95765 abuse and a nice car parked out front; or a life of health, happiness and sobriety, and a new car a few months down the road, it should be a pretty easy decision.

You need to take it seriously

Nothing about addiction is free from pain; including financial pain. None of us wants to be left with monthly payments that would otherwise pay for a car or a great Rocklin CA 95765 vacation, but when things have reached the point that your addiction threatens your health and happiness and things have become completely unmanageable, you need to act with a seriousness equaling the gravity of the situation.

Get help and get better, and once you do you’ll never regret a single thing you did that got you there.

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